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Annual Conference

Winkler Center Annual Conference - Caring for the Earth

Winkler Center Annual Conference - Caring for the Earth

2020 Annual Conference

Staying Safe While Swimming in a Sea of Screens
With Lowell W. Monke Ph.D.
At the Waldorf School of Garden City, N
Saturday MARCH 14, 2020

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Ongoing EVENTS:
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Watercolor or Pastel Workshops

Have you been spontaneous recently?   Drop in for a refreshing time with color!  
No experience is necessary – working with color comes first – and you paint along with me.

Call for a time (516-581-5696) or just stop by…
the Studio at Barnes Gallery, 2 Nassau Boulevard, Garden City



Winkler Center Annual Conference - Caring for the Earth2019 Annual Conference
Building for the Future
With Douglas Gerwin PH.D., Waldorf Educator
At the Waldorf School of Garden City, NY

Saturday MARCH 23, 2018

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2018 Annual ConferenceWinkler Center Annual Conference - Caring for the Earth
Caring for the Earth
With Craig Holdrege PH.D.,
Director of the Nature Institute
At the Waldorf School of Garden City, N
Saturday MARCH 24, 2018

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2017 Annual Power of Imagination Conference
sponsored by the Winkler Center for Adult Learning

Social Media and the Search for Community
With Keynote Speaker, Lowell Monke
At the Waldorf School of Garden City, N
Saturday April 22, 2017

Many of us have seized on this new 21St Century technology to try to recapture the sense of community that the 20th century technologies have helped to take away. A community is not just a group of people with a common interest, but many individuals sharing commitments, common experiences, and traditionally, a common public space. We are constantly reminded to reveal as little about ourselves as possible online. How do you build a community when everyone remains hidden behind a veil of semi-anonymity?

Dr. Lowell Monke is Professor of Education Emeritus at Wittenberg University where he taught courses on the philosophy of education and the impact of media on young people. For 20 years prior to that he taught high school math and computer technology in the U.S., South America and Europe. Lowell is coauthor of Breaking Down the Digital Walls: Learning to Teach in a Post-Modem World (SUNY Press), which critically examines his pioneering work on global tele-collaborative projects. He was a founding board member of the Alliance for Childhood and served as a technology advisor to the
Washington Waldorf School for eight years. He now resides in Parker, Colorado.
Workshops: Eurythmy for social and interaction and creativity, Gardening,
Handwork, Nature Walk, Painting, Simplicity Parenting, Singing.

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The Multidimensions of Healing 2016

The Multidimensions of Healing:

Keynote by Gerald Karnow, M.D.
Panel / Workshop / Eurythmy Performance / Art Display

The Winkler Center for Adult Learning invites parents, teachers, health care professionals, college students, gardeners, farmers, writers and artists to meet, discuss and learn about new ways of thinking about healing. What is the nature of healing? How does it happen? We are besieged every day by the news of traumas experienced by people worldwide. Close to home many deal with personal or family illness and face the many other challenges of life.

A few questions that will be discussed are:

• What are the sources of healing?
• How do we deal with the unhealable?
• What is healing for children?
• How do we make change?

Dr. Gerald Karnow brings a perspective gained from forty years of family practice, being a school doctor and working in the Fellowship Community in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Pritzker Medical School.

He will address the many dimensions of healing from various points of view, physical, emotional and spiritual. Following his presentation there will be a question and answer period as well as a panel to speak with him and others who work as teachers, psychiatrists and in other healing professions. We hope for many practical outcomes from these discussions.


The Kingdom of Childhood: A course on Lectures on Waldorf Education
by Rudolf Steiner

With  Leonore Russell, Waldorf Teacher and Consultant

Seven Sessions to explore this fascinating introduction to Waldorf Education, given in England by Rudolf Steiner.

Readings and discussion, eurythmy and art based on the content of discussion of the lectures called "Kingdom of Childhood" by Rudolf Steiner. These lectures were the introduction of Waldorf Education to England.

We will read, discuss, and apply the ideas to our understanding of practical life and education today. The Arts are included.


The Digital Dilemma

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Save the Date!

Children and Nature
Making Connections for the Future
Sponsored by the Winkler Center for Adult Learning

Overview and Goals

Can we take one day to explore together the reality that children and teens live in today? Following last year’s conference on the Digital Dilemma we will look at the tidal wave of electronics and virtual reality that may have taken a toll on authentic learning.
We invite parents, teachers, health care professionals, college students, food providers, gardeners, farmers, writers, and artists and all those interested in our childrens’ future.

Our keynote speaker, David Sobel and workshop leaders will share the research and personal experiences that underlie a new ethos: can we consciously turn to the living laboratory of Nature for content, experiences of knowledge and health?

  • Where do we turn for workable models for children to access for imaginative, health building learning?
  • What is the world of the young? Are we facing a critical juncture with implications for cultural change?
  • What is real learning?
  • Can we find solutions together?
  • What do parents and teachers have to do to interest and engage youngsters in the natural world?
  • What activities provide sustaining strength for life long learning?
  • How do we find the hidden beauties of Long Island when we see so many cars?

Keynote Speaker: David Sobel

David received a BA from Williams College and an MEd from Antioch University New England. He was co-founder of the Harrisville Children’s Center in Harrisville, New Hampshire, and has served as a publicly elected school board member in Nelson and Harrisville, New Hampshire. He has also served as a staff development and science curriculum consultant at schools in New Hampshire and Vermont and has been a guest speaker and workshop leader for a variety of school and environmental organizations. He serves on the editorial board of the Holistic Education Review and is the author of Children’s Special Places and many articles on children and nature.  He is currently at work on two books on developmental psychology and ecoliteracy.

Conference Workshops

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